Routine Cleanings Are Important!

Aug 24, 2021
Before and after teeth cleaning

Each person should have a routine dental cleaning. Some dentists say every six months while others say once each year. Do you really know the importance?

Prevention of Cavities

The white film that builds up on the teeth is call plaque. It’s the main cause of tooth decay. The acidic substance will eat away at the tooth enamel and if you leave it there, it can lead to cavities. The plaque can be removed by flossing, brushing, and dental cleanings.

Putting a Stop to Tooth Loss

Built-up plaque can lead to gum disease. It is a main cause of tooth loss in adults. When the gum disease advances, the plaque will move further down to the gum line and it can destroy the bone that supports your jaw and teeth. It can then loosen the tooth and it can fall out. The chance of that happening can be reduced by going to each dental cleaning and making sure you brush and floss on a regular basis.

Develop a Brighter Smile

When you drink wine, tea, and coffee or use tobacco, it can stain your teeth. When you get a teeth cleaning, it can remove all of those built-up stains and leave you with fresh teeth that look polished. The end result of a dental cleaning is a brighter and whiter smile.

Fresh Breath

Having optimal oral hygiene is the most efficient way to prevent any bad breath. If you floss and brush on a regular basis, a dental cleaning will be a beneficial way to keep your mouth odor-free and health.

Boosting Your Health

There have been studies that show that good oral hygiene can lead to good overall health. Having regular dental cleanings can lower the risk for getting certain diseases, such as stroke and heart disease. There are several medical conditions, including some life-threatening, which can be detected within the early stage when you see your dentist for an oral exam on a routine basis.

Saving Money

You can save money by getting a dental cleaning on a regular basis. This is because the dentist will be removing the plaque each time so it won’t be able to build up and case issues. If you let your teeth go and didn’t get the excess plaque off, it could lead to gum disease and develop other conditions that would warrant more trips to the dentist, costing more money.

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